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Major Urban Park at Whitecliffe

Running through the centre of Whitecliffe is the proposed Major Urban Park (MUP), which will provide a central civic space for the residents of Ebbsfleet Garden City.

The project will be delivered by a number of stakeholders, including Henley Camland.

Following pre-application engagement with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and community groups, proposals for the Major Urban Park (MUP) are at an exciting stage, and its ongoing success will be intrinsically linked to its ability to reflect the needs and aspirations of the local community. 

Central to the engagement strategy for the Major Urban Park is the theme of co-design, whereby individuals, communities and local groups are empowered to join other stakeholders (including developers, designers and the local authority) to actively engage as a fundamental part of the design process from the project start to end. This is a unique opportunity for the community to be more actively involved in influencing how it will serve the community, without being restricted to just planning matters.

A period of consultation took place between June and August 2023. This included gathering feedback via an online survey, attendance at Fusion Festival on Saturday 8 July and a co-design workshop on Monday 10 July.

A consultation webinar also took place on Tuesday 8 August 2023. The session was recorded and will be hosted on the website for people to refer back to, as well as accompanied with an FAQs which will outline how community feedback is being considered.

The consultation period has now closed but please keep an eye on this website for updates.

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    As we deliver our plans for the Major Urban Park we want to ensure they continue to reflect the views of local people.